I also enjoy climbing, cycling, yoga and mixing electronic music. I meditate twice a day. I avoid routine and comfort zones. 

Content production

It surely has never been so easy to publish content, but what about the whole process of developing original ideas and picking the right language, sources and format?

content curation

Developing original work starts by knowing what’s already out there, and there’s way more than we could ever catch in a lifetime!


If Google Translate and Reverso have made it easy to drop a romantic line to your French crush, it still lacks the necessary depth and lyricism to make it look real. 

Facilitation & moderation

Among groups, engaging in a constructive discussion starts with understanding common objectives. 

Event organisation

An offline rendez-vous is the ultimate moment to enable active participation and generate valuable insights and outcomes. 

Cross-disciplinary team work

When working on a project, each individual’s strengths should be celebrated. I am very enthusiastic about working across different disciplines and departments. 

Check out my work

The Unheard Voices of the Migratory Crisis

"The Unheard Voices of the Migratory Crisis" is a discussion about the misrepresentation of the refugees and related conflicts in the media.

Original folding format. Deploying a newspaper as the story unfolds.

The New World Times

The New World Times is a fictional newspaper in which the content has been produced by the volunteers of the International Federation for the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

"I had the privilege to hire Kahina on various editorial and innovation projects. Her ability to absorb insights from a wide versatility of sources and communities were extremely appreciated by our clients, very often discovering unexpected connections between relevant projects."
Laurent François
Founder @ RE-UP Agency
"Kahina is an extremely capable and efficient producer, able to juggle several complex tasks while exhibiting impeccable editorial judgement. She can identify the heart of any story, and understands the technical and logistical challenges of TV and radio news gathering. She is also great fun to work with."
Joe Miller
US Business Reporter @ BBC News
"Kahina did a great curation job for News On Demand. She has demonstrated a very good sense of prioritisation of information and very quickly knows how to integrate and act on feedback. Exploring English and French media with agility, she knows how to find relevant and interesting information."
Marie-Catherine Beuth
Editor in Chief @ Business Insider France