Named after the Berber warrior Queen Kahina, I was born with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, in all its shapes, sounds and tastes. This predisposition led me on the path to making knowledge accessible by studying journalism. After a few years in the industry, I chose to go back to academia and will be starting a PhD in New Media Geographies and Digital Activism this Autumn. I am interested in exploring the novel ways in which decentralised media are addressing the paradigm shift occurring in the industry. Specifically, I want to analyse how citizens, institutions and organisations can co-create information technologies and develop new tools enabling the production of a collective identity/democratic citizenship.

As much as I love research, I find it essential to remain aware of what’s going on on the ground, especially when it comes to media and public opinion. Therefore, I always keep myself busy working on several projects as a freelancer. 

I believe that effective communication comes from a humble objective, an in-depth understanding of the different stakeholders’ needs and a co-created solution. My work ranges from communication consultant, product manager, translator and facilitator.

Things I do when I’m not working: reading, cycling, yoga, meditation, climbing, learning languages and I’ve recently been hooked in mixing electronic music.

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