They enjoyed working with me

I had the privilege to hire Kahina on various editorial and innovation projects. Her ability to absorb insights from a wide versatility of sources and communities were extremely appreciated by our clients, very often discovering unexpected connections between relevant projects. Her thirst for all things digital and her talent to make them understandable by a more mainstream public make Kahina a tremendous asset to spread complex ideas. Her writing skill and her ability to express her point-of-view during difficult workshop is also a very rare balance. Finally, Kahina is a great and trustful person: she’s never left a man down, and has always defended the team and the projects despite sometimes heated debates. Even more importantly: she knows how to create consensus.

Laurent François

Kahina is an extremely capable and efficient producer, able to juggle several complex tasks while exhibiting impeccable editorial judgement. She can identify the heart of any story, and understands the technical and logistical challenges of TV and radio news gathering. She is also great fun to work with, always willing to go the extra mile, sometimes quite literally! I highly recommend her.

Kahina did a great curation job for News On Demand. She has demonstrated a very good sense of prioritisation of information and very quickly knows how to integrate and act on feedback. Exploring English and French media with agility, she knows how to find relevant and interesting information on a wide variety of topics (international, economic, political, social, tech.)