My Toolbox

After my studies, I started working as a journalist at France 24 and other media in Paris. I also took the lead in organising a discussion about the misrepresentation of refugees in Western media, and later, got into activism by joining a civic tech group aiming at systemic change in Brussels. Here are some skills I’ve developed along the way, that I am happy to contribute today. 

Content Production

The Good Life

It surely has never been so easy to publish content, but what about the whole process of developing original ideas and picking the right language, sources and format? Through a multimedia journalism education background, I learned to produce and edit written, audio and video content. I’m very attached to the idea of creating personalised content for every purpose. As humans, we tell ourselves stories all the time. These stories take different shapes and faces in each and every single one of us, nourish our imagination in unique ways while developing a sense of collective consciousness. I believe that narratives are the most powerful tool to drive civilisations forward. Creating strong, relatable stories, augmented by multimedia content is a dear passion of mine.

Content Curation

News On Demand (NOD)

Developing original work starts by knowing what’s already out there, and there’s way more than we could ever catch in a lifetime! By curating content online and offline, I try to gather as much relevant (and divergent)  pieces on a topic as I can in order to make sense of the unceasing noise we’re surrounded by. Through this means, I allow users to deepen their knowledge and encourage them to engage in open-minded discussions. I enable synergies, as curation also permits groups and entrepreneurs working on similar topics to cooperate, collaborate and co-create.

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Facilitation & Moderation

The Unheard Voices of the Migratory Crisis

Among groups, engaging in a constructive discussion starts with understanding common objectives. As a facilitator, I enable group participation in decision-making and support individuals in improving their skills at addressing issues and problem-solving skills. As a moderator, I introduce and direct debates by monitoring exchanges between participants and discussions.


Translation for RE-UP Agency

If Google Translate and Reverso have made it easy to drop a romantic line to your French crush, it still lacks the necessary depth and lyricism to make it look real. To put it simple: it lacks a human brain. In communication as in life, reaching people’s hearts starts with reaching their minds. This is why I make sure to translate more than words, but mindsets and cultures. Fluent in French and English, comfortable in Dutch and Berber, I’m currently learning Arabic and German.

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Event Organisation

©Kahina Meziant
Civic Innovation Network

I plan and organise group discussions and debates through an offline-online strategy. I use online actions and tools (social media, newsletters, etc.) to reach spread out groups, start a discussion and build a community. The offline rendez-vous is the ultimate moment to enable active participation from that community and generate valuable insights and outcomes.

Cross-disciplinary team work

The New World Times

When working on a project, each individual’s strengths should be celebrated. I am very enthusiastic about working across different disciplines and departments. I co-create media products with (web) designers and engineers, TV and radio reports with camera operators and audio engineers or original written content with publishers and SEO specialists. I believe in the pooling of knowledge and skills to drive positive and systemic change.

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