Outputfacilitation WhatsApp game, clustering discussions and data, translatingcontent to fit a consistent newspaper format, creating a printed newspaper based on collected content, producing appealing design, .

OutputCopywritingTranslating blog posts (Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie).

Output: Daily writing and reporting of different stories formats (interviews, profiles, video, live reporting), social media management, cross-disciplinary team work (publishing, SEOs, Event planners).

Output: General design and thinking of the project, organisation and facilitation of collective intelligence sessions and events around the topic of citizen participation in local decision-making, designing an online communication strategy, blog writingcontent curation.

Output: Launching of upday Belgium, curation of key stories and summarising writing, daily statistics analysis, production of specific content, establishing collaborative partnership with Business Insider France.

OutputAssisting journalist Joe Miller in planning destinations and points of interest around voting stations, conducting interviews in French, assisting in translating and editing content.

Output: Daily curation and stories summaries writing for both American and French apps.

OutputConceptualisationorganisation, panel curation, engaging online discussionprior to the event, event moderation.